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Welcome to Steam Weeds

We offer environmentally friendly weed and pest plant control that is safe for use in all areas. We specialise in kindergartens and childcare centres, hospitals, playgrounds, aged care facilities, chemical free farms and vineyards as well as in your garden at home.

Backed by Science.
Weed Free - Chemical Free


At Steam Weeds, we believe the best plant management should not cause harm to people or damage the earth. Are you an environmentally minded small to large sized business owners in the horticultural industry or a regional shire council representative? We can help you minimise your environmental footprint through eco-conscious weed management solutions.

Learn more about how we kill problem plants without the need for harmful chemicals

How Steam Weeding Works

Steam is applied directly to the problem plants

The heat from the steam breaks down the plants cell structure

The plant decomposes into the underlying soil, enriching and feeding the earth.

With a steam treatment plan we can ensure complete weed eradication without the use of harmful chemicals or dangerous additives that pose a threat to people, wildlife and the environment.

We are aiming to increase the health and wellbeing of our planet by eliminating the use of chemicals that cause more problems than they solve. By eliminating problem plants and invasive plant species on people land in an evorronmenatlla y frindly way,  we believe we are creating and better future in land management and agriculture for Australia.

Steam weeding is a friendly alternative to traditional herbicide use. We don’t use damaging herbicides or poisons. Steam Weeds is an independent Australian owned and operated business with a mission to provide weed eradication services in Victoria that is cost effective and safe for many applications.

Steam Weeds can remove problem plants anywhere people are concerned for their health or trying to minimise their exposure to harmful chemicals.

Get in touch today to discuss ongoing weed management options with Steam Weeds.

Our machine is so awesome it can also do hot and cold pressure washing

Our specialised pressure washing service allows us to use cold or heated water and high pressures to get rid of stubborn grime on all surfaces including timber, concrete, metal, and plastic. We can clean decks, patios, weatherboards, tile and tin roofs, you name it we blast it.