Steam Weeding is a method of weed management that uses water heated to >98 degrees celsius and applied directly to weeds in a controlled way using specialised equipment. This technology allows us to destroy problem plants without damaging the earth or using harmful chemicals.


How Steam Weeds Works

When steam is applied to weeds or problem plants, it begins to break down the plant’s cell structure within a matter of seconds. This process is called “plasmolysis”. Plasmolysis occurs when the pressure inside the plant cell structure decreases to the point where the cell begins to break down and the plant wilts and starts to decompose.

Three days after treatment the plants begins to fertilises the ground around it. Just like all weed management you may need to re-treat the area for particularly stubborn plants.


How does saturated steam technology destroy the soft tissue of weeds on contact ?

The Steamwand system uses water; super heated under pressure in a diesel fired boiler, pumped through a delivery hose to an innovative de-pressurising /restriction nozzle. The nozzle has the effect of maintaining the pressure in the boiler allowing super heating before depressurising and “exploding” the water into saturated steam and superheated water at atmospheric pressure.

Backed by Scientific Research

Many studies have been conducted into the viability and efficacy of steam weeding. These studies have shown that steam weeding is a proven and reliable alternative to harmful weed management practices.

One study demonstrated that steam weeding immediately increased the temperature of plant surface tissues and that this temperature increase had a demonstrable destructive influence.

Steam Weeding has also been scientifically proven to:
Be efficient, reliable, ecological and economical
Increase the yield of desired untreated surrounding plantlife
Use less energy than other methods such as gas flaming
Completely destroy unwanted weeds and effectively manages problem plants

How it works

Few demos from Steam Weeds

Hot & Cold Pressure Wash
Killing Weeds With Steam

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