Steam Weeds owner/operator Kieran Foley is dedicated to helping people reduce their impact on the environment while providing a friendly and proven service to manage problem and invasive plant species on their properties.

I came across the technology to kill weeds using pressurised stream and knew this environmentally friendly weed management solution was perfect for so many applications.

Armed with the knowledge and practical skills learnt through hard work on building sites, Kieran has set out on his own to help land and business owners eradicate problem plants. He prides himself on this ability to really listen to people’s concerns and ideas, learn exactly what people want from their land management, and implement actionable solutions to deliver a customer focused experience for his clients.

I want to increase the awareness of alternative weed management solutions to help inform others of non-harmful land management practices for a better future in land management.

Kieran is a dedicated and hardworking individual who is passionate about giving something back to the land and environment. He cares deeply about preserving the natural environment and felt there was an opening in this industry for this particular service that aligns with his personal mindset in regards to the environment.

Reach out to Kieran today and find out how his care of the environment can help you.