At Steam Weeds, we believe the best plant management should not cause harm to people or damage the earth. With a steam treatment plan we can ensure complete weed eradication without the use of harmful chemicals or dangerous additives that pose a threat to people, wildlife and the environment.


Without using harmful chemicals or herbicides, steam weeding offers a safe alternative to traditional weed management. There is no ongoing issues associated with plant-killing poisons used by others and actually helps the earth by providing natural fertiliser once plants have been treated with steam.

Steam Weeds can treat problem plants in sensitive areas, without the worry of potentially dangerous chemicals, such as playgrounds, schools, parks, vineyards, farms, waterways, wildlife habitats and heaps more.


We use plain old water for our weed management, without expensive additives or poisons that can cost landowners a small fortune. This allows us to stay affordable and offer effective weed management solutions. Because our method causes complete destruction of problem plants at a cellular level, we can assure our clients an effective solution that is both time and money saving.


We believe in the best land management practises helping the land rather than harming it. Because our methods are environmentally friendly, we are aiming to increase the health and wellbeing of our planet by eliminating the use of chemicals that cause more problems than they solve.